Board Members

Executive Board of Directors

Executive Director, President

Daf faney Jenkins Webster, MSN RN

Executive Vice President

Michael Webster

Executive Secretary/Treasurer

Danielle Jenkins, B.S.

Executive Secretary/Treasurer

Velekia Muse, B.S

Board Officers

Coordinator of Mental Health Resources

Janice Bonner Davis, MSN RN

Community Resource Liaison

Alfred Buckley

Community Resource Liaison

Larry D. Cage Jr. 

Creative Strategist

GerShondalyn Holland, B.A.

Event Coordinator

April Telfrey

Public Relations

Anthony Germade Jr., M.S.

Reflection of the Green Leaf

Reflection of The Green Leaf is a 501c3 non-profit organization. We advocate on behalf of those that are mentally ill by utilizing the Arts to cultivate relationships in society; unstigmatized


Registered Charity: 83-1406805

Sponsors and Supporters

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