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Little About Us

Reflection of the Green Leaf is the brainchild of Daffaney Jenkins Webster, in collaboration with NAMI Louisiana and Janice Bonner-Davis. Made up of an organized team of advocacies, the mission is to develop resources, and enrichment opportunities for those that are mentally ill. 


Reflection of the Green Leaf tells the story of a vision of life, despair, sorrow, desires, and hopefulness, encapsulated in the divided hemispheres of one that poses two words…. Mentally Ill.

GREEN I am serene, flawless, peaceful, unwavering, eternal.
LEAF as the veins of my nature tell every being of me, vulnerable but stubborn, strong but weak, uncensored but mild, calm but bold, passive but relentless, passionate but wicked, loving but afraid, intelligent but stigmatized.

Reflection of the Green Leaf Final Mark.
Our Mission

Our Mission Statement

“To advocate on behalf of all that are mentally ill by decreasing barriers through the promotion and implementation of enrichment programs and resource development, as well as bridging gaps of communication by utilizing the arts to cultivate relationships that will further encourage integration of the mentally ill in society; unstigmatized.”

How We Do It

The goal is to create community outreach resources such as:
  • Reduce barriers to successful integration of the mentally ill into society.

  •  Increase access to resources to advocate for the integration of the mentally ill .

  • Reduce the stigma regarding the mentally ill in society.

  • Art Therapy

  • Re-entry Programs

    • Jail Based

    • Community Based

  • Community Gardens 

  • The Green Leaf Pantry

  • Art Exhibits & Craft Fairs (collaboration with NAMI – Louisiana)

  • Bicycle Marathons

  • Community Educational Forums 

  • Health Fairs

  • Faith-based outreach programs

We Need Your Support Today!

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