Upcoming Events

Sat, Jul 18
Jewel J Newman Community Center
What does mental health support look like in the 21st century
Sat, Jun 27
St. John Center Soundstage
Louisiana Black Legacy Film & Art Festival
Sun, May 24
The Guru
Reflection of The Green Leaf
Sat, Nov 09
The Red Shoes
Vein of the Clay
Sat, May 18
The Guru
Art Exhibit
Sat, Mar 23
3445 Fairfields Avenue
Health Fair at Greater New Guide Baptist Church

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Reflection of the Green Leaf

Reflection of The Green Leaf is a 501c3 non-profit organization. We advocate on behalf of those that are mentally ill by utilizing the Arts to cultivate relationships in society; unstigmatized

Email: info@reflectionofthegreenleaf.com

Registered Charity: 83-1406805

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